Painting and Drawing Workshop with Artist Thomas Flanagan in France
My contemporary work as an artist is more about listening than speaking. It is not about issues external to the visual experience of the art work
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July 29 to August 5, 2017 / AUGUST 6-13, 2017

Château De La NaPoule, France

“Great art picks up where nature ends.” Marc Chagall

Come and spend a week with Tom Flanagan painting and drawing on the grounds of an 8-acre medieval castle overlooking the Mediterranean. A historic museum and vibrant arts center perched on the French Riviera, the Château de La Napoule is the primary facility of the La Napoule Art Foundation. This majestic compound, restored over a century ago by a pair of American artists, is now the serene setting for residencies, workshops, and contemporary art exhibitions.

The Château is located in the historic fishing village of La Napoule. A popular summertime vacation destination, the town’s beaches and its proximity to nearby cultural attractions draw tourists from around the globe. The Château sits on the Riviera between Nice and San Tropez, just five miles west of Cannes. Museums, shops, cafes and historic chateaus and gardens abound in the region. With its eight acres of formal gardens and sculpture adorned architecture, the Château holds two coveted distinctions from the French Ministry of Culture: Monument Historique and Jardin Remarkable.


Course Description: Drawing and Painting at Château de La Napoule

Instructor: Tom Flanagan, Masters in Fine Arts in Painting, Ohio University 1991

I’ve designed this workshop for beginning students as well as the more experienced painter. Students are free to work in oil, acrylic or pastel. Individual and group instruction will focus on composition, color mixing, and simplifying shapes to translate your observations. This workshop offers an opportunity to embrace truly unique surroundings in a part of France that inspired some of my favorite artists like Matisse, Picasso, and Chagall among many others. This is a chance to flex your creative muscles while having an experience like no other. We will be working outside whenever possible, however if the weather doesn’t cooperate the chateau offers many other opportunities for inspiration.

Thomas Flanagan | Contemporary Abstract Artist

About the Instructor:

Tom Flanagan is a practicing artist living on the coast of Maine, where artists have been coming for over 100 years to experience its light, natural beauty and solitude. He earned his Masters in Fine Arts in Painting in 1991. His work has been shown in galleries in Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New York and Maine. Tom’s use of color, line, and form takes its inspiration from music, landscape and pure form itself. His paintings and drawings are collected in both private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. Please see his work here.

What’s included:

Accommodations at the Château De La Napoule/Villa Marguerite
Week long Drawing and Painting Workshop

Breakfast (7 Days) and Dinner (M-F) at the Chateau


7 nights Accommodation at the Chateau are included

Participants are primarily housed in the recently renovated historic Italianate Villa Marguerite. The Villa includes 18 guestrooms, each with its own bath and view of the sea or Mediterranean gardens surrounding the gated property. Additional accommodations for up to 12 guests are available in the west wing of the Château. Keep in mind that the Château is only hosting guests of the class and isn’t open to the public for overnight stays.

Drawing and Painting Class:

This is a weeklong no pressure class designed to help the participants at all levels with their drawing and painting skills in oil, acrylic or pastel. Each day will consist of morning and afternoon sessions broken up by lunch in town and short critiques.


Breakfast, (7 days) and dinner at the Château, (M-F) are included. Meals are served in the Château’s beautiful gothic dining room, Villa dining rooms, at the seafront terrace or under the canopy in the gardens of the Villa Marguerite. A small kitchen is also available for use by participants anytime. There are high-quality, low-cost restaurants as well as Michelin-starred restaurants within walking distance of the Château.  Wine is not included in the meals, although of course delicious, inexpensive French wine abounds and the Château’s staff will happily serve your pre-purchased bottles for you.

Total Cost in USD: $2975 PP

$1700 PP for non-painting companions


Workshops are limited to 10 to 14 participants per week.

Airfare is not included.

These weeks always sell out and spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Anyone interested please email me at


Hope to see you there!